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The Gold Class sign helps you to feel confident about your choice in collision repair. 
At Tony’s, our friendly staff, expert advice and I-CAR Gold Class Professionals are the reasons why everybody is saying, “Take it to Tony’s!” 

Gold Class Professionals have the knowledge and understanding to effectively communicate and work with one another when repairing your vehicle. They know when parts can be repaired, or when they need to be replaced. This helps to eliminate surprises when the repair bill comes, and it leads to less hassle for you! Gold Class Professionals are dedicated to training their employees on the latest collision repair technology to help achieve a safe and complete repair. 

Today’s vehicles are extremely complex. Signs of training, like the Gold Class Professionals symbol, are important to look for when selecting a collision repair facility. Technicians can learn how to properly repair a collision-damaged vehicle one of two ways - through training or by making mistakes. Do you want a collision repair technician “learning” on your vehicle? If your vehicle is not repaired correctly, it may not look, or drive the way it did before the collision. Or worse, it may not protect you and your family the way it was designed to if you are involved in a future collision. 

Gold Class Professionals represent all segments of the collision industry. They are insurance companies, glass businesses, recyclers, suppliers and distributors, and other businesses that have achieved a high level of collision repair training.

Profirst Collision Repair Facility by Honda Motor Company, Inc.

Profirst Collision Repair Facility by Honda Motor Company, Inc.


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