ProFirst Certified by Honda/Acura

Profirst Honda repair certifiedTony's Auto Collision Center is now a Certified Honda / Acura repair facility

Your Honda or Acura has been damaged in a collision. What Now?
Fortunately, you have brought it to a body shop you can have confidence in – a ProFirst Certified shop, certified by American Honda. You can be confident that you have made the right choice. 

ProFirst Collision Repair Facility
Certified by American Honda Motor Company Inc.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements
In order to qualify, and continue to be qualified for the ProFirst Certified program, body shops must meet certain knowledge and skill requirements. This is accomplished by either achieving I-CAR Gold Class status, the highest-recognized level of training in the industry provided by the industry’s most recognized training organization, I-CAR. Or, the shop’s repair methods, materials, tools and equipment are verified by an independent party known as VeriFacts – the most highly-respected verification inspection company in the industry. 

Additional Training
To ensure that body shops keep up with the latest technology used by Honda and Acura, all shops are required to take additional Honda/Acura-specific training as it becomes available. 

Honda/Acura-Specific Repair Information
ProFirst Certified body shops have unprecedented access to all service and repair information, including mechanical and collision repair, for all years and models of Honda and Acura automobiles – the information needed to make a safe and complete repair.

Tools and Equipment
To the casual observer, the body on today’s Honda or Acura vehicles compared to that of just a few years ago may not look drastically different – but it is! To increase fuel economy, cars need to get lighter which means they are designed and engineered using different metals and other light-weight materials. This creates the need for specific tools and equipment to repair them. The ProFirst Certified shops have the right tools and equipment to fix your Honda or Acura, no matter what year it is.

Facility Standards
All ProFirst Certified shops are required to maintain a clean and professional environment, inside the shop, the customer area, and outside the building.

Customer Satisfaction System
Each shop must have a customer satisfaction survey system to ensure that Honda and Acura customers’ expectations are being met.

Annual Inspections
Through a third-party, American Honda physically inspects all ProFirst Certified shops on an annual basis. We inspect for tools and equipment, facility cleanliness, and overall operation of the shop. Training and verification of proper repair procedures is done on an on-going basis.

Enjoy the peace of mind that a ProFirst shop can provide.

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Profirst Collision Repair Facility by Honda Motor Company, Inc.

Profirst Collision Repair Facility by Honda Motor Company, Inc.


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